About Us

We are a firm of Chartered Accountants, registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and engaged in the field of Accounting, Book keeping, Auditing, Tax consultancy in both Direct & Indirect Indian Tax Laws and allied Activities. We assist in various types of compliance, representation and filing appeals under I.T. & GST Acts. We help in availing business loans and preparation of Project Reports. We prepare Cost and Financial analysis reports to assist in making prudent business decisions. We have experience of more than 30 years in the field. We are based at Salem in South India.

We also provide the aforesaid services to our offshore clients. Especially we do Book Keeping work for offshore customers using Quick Books, both Online & Desktop versions and Revenue Return preparation work for US based clients using Turbo Tax online and Pro series software. Some clients do provide us with specific software suited to their needs and we adapt to their requirements.


All our Systems are protected by certified antivirus software and we have installed trusted firewall protection and hardware configuration for filtering unauthorized data from entering our systems or secured data from being copied or transferred from our systems. All the computers and servers are protected by passwords and system generated log books. Strangers and visitors are strictly forbidden from our secured areas of operation. All hard copies and data stored discs / external drives with password protection are kept under lock and key in a separate library. Access to details of clients and their vital data is restricted to very few trusted and senior staff our organization. Moreover our records show that there was not a single lapse in our security in the past!

The Accountant

Community of Accountants

They keep track and analyse the financial transactions to help in improving any Business or Profession with proper evaluation and projection of financial resources and optimum exploitation of borrowed funds to decide on the right investment opportunities. It is based on the sound principle that many a Business and Professional empires have fallen from their glory by merely failing to efficiently manage their financial resources and investments.

Job of an accountant

A good Accountant is one who designs and keeps record of financial transactions and reports in such a way that the management can easily understand the financial outcome of their various business decisions and manoeuvres and reasonably predict the financial implications of their concerted efforts. As the saying goes, an organization that has invested in a good Accountant rarely ends up with an unexpected destiny. A good Accountant also helps the management reap the maximum profits from optimum investments.

Value addition by an accountant

A good Accountant is one who helps to safeguard the institution or organisation from any statutory complications due to non compliance or incorrect and unwanted declarations being made to the concerned authorities. In short, having a good Accountant is a worthy and wise investment for any Institution or organization.